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Showroom Tours & Workshops

SexyStyle workshops and showroom tours provide an opportunity to learn all about the latest sex toys and intimate cosmetics, to get ideas for diversifying pleasure, as well as to have an exciting time with your partner or in a larger company, for example, at bachelor or bachelorette parties. From valuable conversations about the basics of healthy sexuality to workshops - everyone who wants to know themselves and prepare for even greater moments of intimacy will find the most suitable one for them. Couples who want to improve the quality of their intimate life will appreciate the SexyStyle consultation for couples in the SexyStyle showroom or online! Discover new possibilities and gain inspiration for unprecedented sensual experiments. The expert will improve your knowledge of sexuality and the anatomy of pleasure, share practical tips for even better sex and answer questions of interest. At the couple's request, both face-to-face and online consultation can be devoted to a specific topic. Read more
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Sensual Science: Dive into Showroom Tours & Workshops with SexyStyle

Stepping into the realm of sensuality with the right knowledge amplifies the experience manifold. And there's no better guide on this journey than SexyStyle's masterclasses and events. These curated sessions shine a light on the expansive world of sex toys, intimate cosmetics, and the subtle art of deriving pleasure. For those planning unique celebratory moments, like bachelor or bachelorette parties, or simply seeking an invigorating evening, our events ensure a blend of learning and fun.

At SexyStyle, we believe that understanding is the foundation of true intimacy. From engaging discussions about healthy sexuality to specialized workshops, we offer a platform where every individual can discover their own rhythm of pleasure. For couples, in particular, we offer bespoke consultations tailored to amplify the quality of their intimate bond, be it in our evocative SexyStyle showroom or through a digital interaction.

Dive deeper into your understanding with our experts, who masterfully elucidate the complexities of sexual anatomy, pleasure dynamics, and the myriad ways to enhance intimacy. These sessions can be tailored around a specific theme upon request, ensuring that every query, every curiosity, is addressed in detail.

So, if the idea of merging knowledge with passion piques your interest, look no further. At SexyStyle, we craft experiences that are not just about pleasure, but also about understanding its essence. Embark on this journey with us and redefine the boundaries of your sensual universe.