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Home/Fetish & BDSM/Blindfolds, Hoods & Gags

Blindfolds, Hoods & Gags

Wearing blindfolds during play is a great way to show how much you trust the partner and it helps to enhance all of the other senses. Hoods and mouth gags may be used for the same reason but also to make it easier for the subject to be depersonalised, feel like a different creature or just be incapable of speaking. Read more
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Creating Mystery in the Bedroom with Blindfolds, Hoods & Gags

When it comes to erotic play, sensory deprivation can create an entirely new dimension of experience. Tools such as blindfolds, hoods, and gags are not just props but also mediums that foster trust, curiosity, and increased sensory awareness. Blindfolds serve as an excellent starting point for those new to sensory deprivation, enhancing the other senses and injecting an element of surprise into intimate encounters.

Hoods, on the other hand, contribute to a deeper level of depersonalisation. By donning a hood, one may experience a sense of transformation, becoming a different creature in the realm of sexual fantasy. This shift can be incredibly liberating and exciting, opening up a new world of role-play and power dynamics to explore.

Gags provide a unique form of sensory deprivation by inhibiting speech. In the context of BDSM, this can be a powerful tool for establishing dominance and submission. A gagged submissive must rely on non-verbal cues to communicate, while the dominant partner gains control over their ability to express verbally. Silicone, rubber, and spreader gags are common choices, each offering a different level of restriction and comfort.

Like any intimate play, the use of blindfolds, hoods, and gags should be based on mutual consent and trust. Always ensure clear communication, safe words, and consideration of comfort levels. These tools, when used responsibly, can open up an exhilarating new realm of sensory experience in your intimate encounters.