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About JO
Physical pleasure, sexuality and intimacy are essential for a happy and balanced life. System JO offers comprehensive sensual solutions to help promote, enhance and stimulate your sexual health and well-being. Our products include Personal Lubricants, Massage Glides, Bath and Body Therapies, Stimulation Gels, and Enhancement Products for both men and women.

When JO first opened its doors in 2003, our aim was to provide an all-encompassing system to help clients achieve a happier life through active and healthy physical pleasure. But we also wanted to put forward a down-to-earth approachable brand that welcomes a wide variety of individuals. Meet Your New Best Friend, System JO.

When CEO/Founder of nutra-ceutical company United Consortium, Solomon Levy, was searching for a name for this new division, he and our team wanted to convey that these products were being designed to enhance overall sensual experiences – a comprehensive method, or ‘system’ to improve well-being – and that they were being delivered by a trustworthy company that cares. While brainstorming, someone mentioned that the person they trust most is their best friend, Joe.

This 'best friend' idea was immediately embraced, and its inspiration honored by the new name, System JO. We hope it conveys our core mission: To provide a system to improve your overall sensual pleasure brought to you by someone you can trust. Innovative from the Start
They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this was certainly true for System JO. The concept for the company began when a group of doctors asked United Consortium to come up with a silicone lubricant to help women with vaginal dryness. After extensive research, development and collaboration with the doctors, the result was an extremely high quality silicone personal lubricant.

Selling only to doctors at first, within a short period of time we began receiving calls from individual consumers asking where they could find our product for sale. This void in the market spawned the creation of a special division catering directly to the retail market and System JO was born. Now System JO is one of the fastest growing, most popular brand names in sensual care. And the reason is simple: people who use System JO products immediately feel the difference in its quality and effectiveness.

Unparalleled Products
What distinguishes System JO from other brands is our attention to the customer’s specific needs and the demanding standards with which we develop new products. We’ve made an art of production: thinking, rethinking, creating, and approaching our process with an inexhaustible curiosity about new and better ways to manufacture sensual products.
This hard work and focus on the consumer has resulted in breakthroughs like our JO H2o, JO Premium and JO Flavored line of products. JO was the first to develop a warming lubricant that warms on contact, flavored lubricants that taste fantastic with no artificial sweeteners or after-taste, and a water-based lubricant as silky smooth as silicone.

Because of our background working with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, System JO uses only 100% pure vegetable based pharmaceutical grade glycerin in its lubricants, which makes it naturally safer with a noticeably smoother, silkier feel. All System JO products go through stringent quality control for purity and safety, from raw material to manufacturing, label claim, microbial testing, shelf life and more. Every line of System JO products is manufactured following strict FDA guidelines.

Growing Market
At System JO we pride ourselves on our longtime clients, many of whom have been with us from the start. We also welcome new customers who are just discovering the System JO advantage. Because of our comprehensive product line, System JO appeals to a broad market and includes many different age groups and lifestyles, such as:

•Male and Female college students 18-22 as a recreational product to enhance sexual experience
•Females 35 + to promote, enhance and stimulate sexual arousal and physical enhancement
•Males 35 + to enhance sexual experience, increase sexual vitality and physical enhancement
•Gay and Lesbians to enhance sexual experience
•Post- menopausal women as a remedy for vaginal dryness

We are always looking to create new products and innovations to serve our customers better and become further reaching in our variety of client base.

Retail Education
Our products are available at hundreds of adult oriented retail stores across the U.S, Canada and the rest of the world. You can also find us at the national chain store, Walgreens or visit various on-line websites that sell personal care products including We take pride in the educational information we provide at the retail stores where our products are sold. From advice on which lubricant is right for you, to general information on how to enhance your physical well-being, we are your source for sensual solutions. Read more
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