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Sex Party Ware

Decorate the hen party table with fun and naughty elements! Straws and ice cubes in the shape of a penis will complement the drinks, while cute penis-shaped biscuit moulds will make cooking more fun. Good for a fancy party or as a spicy gift for a friend! Read more
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Raising a Toast to Wild Celebrations: Must-have Sexy Party Accessories

In the world of party planning, the little details matter the most. Especially when organizing a hen or bachelorette party, it’s those naughty, playful elements that turn a regular gathering into an unforgettable celebration. With SexyStyle’s sex party ware, ensure your party becomes the talk of the town!

Imagine your guests sipping their cocktails, their laughter echoing a little louder when they notice the playful straws in the form of a penis. It's not just about the giggle factor; it's about creating moments that stick. And speaking of sticking, what's a celebration without some treats? Dive into the world of baking with our delightful penis-shaped biscuit moulds. Whether you’re an expert baker or just getting started, these moulds promise to add fun to the cooking process and present treats that will have everyone snapping pictures.

But the party magic doesn't end there. Elevate the aesthetics of your drinks with penis-shaped ice cubes. It's the subtle nods to naughtiness, coupled with functionality, that really elevate a hen party’s ambiance. A cold drink on a hot day with a hint of mischief? Perfect!

Every celebration deserves a touch of whimsy, a sprinkle of laughter, and a whole lot of memorable moments. With SexyStyle's sex party ware, you're not just setting up a party; you're crafting experiences, stories, and memories. So, gear up to host the most talked-about hen party ever and let the good times roll!