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Silicone Based Lubes

Silicone-based lubricants are oily, silky and create a slippery film on the skin, which provides an exceptionally pleasant glide and long-lasting durability. They can also be used in place of massage oil, but are particularly suitable for anal play and water play. Silicone-based products are not recommended for use with silicone sex toys. Read more
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Silicone-Based Lubricants:
Slippery, Silky & Sensual

Silicone-based lubricants are renowned for their unique properties that can elevate your intimate experiences to new levels. These lubricants are distinctively oily and silky, providing an exceptionally smooth glide for prolonged pleasure. The lubricant forms a slippery film on the skin, enhancing the sensation and reducing discomfort, making your intimate moments even more enjoyable.

A notable feature of silicone-based lubricants is their enduring lubricity. Unlike their water-based counterparts, they do not dry out quickly, ensuring long-lasting pleasure without the need for frequent reapplications. This sustained performance makes silicone-based lubricants particularly suitable for extended intimate sessions, promoting comfort and satisfaction throughout your sexual journey.

Silicone-based lubricants also excel in specific scenarios such as anal play and water play. Their superior glide and durability make them an excellent choice for anal sex, where additional lubrication is often needed for comfort and pleasure. For water play, these lubricants offer the advantage of being water-resistant, allowing for uninterrupted pleasure in aquatic environments like showers, bathtubs, or pools.

While silicone-based lubricants offer numerous advantages, it's crucial to remember that they are not compatible with silicone sex toys as they can cause damage to the material. Instead, consider using water-based lubricants with such toys. This small consideration will help ensure that your pleasure tools remain in excellent condition while you enjoy the unique and long-lasting sensations offered by silicone-based lubricants. Let the silky smoothness of these lubricants transform your intimate experiences into unforgettable moments of delight.