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LifeStyles Skyn Extra Lubricated (3 / 10 pcs)

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Very, very thin (during sex, you will almost not feel the condom), medically tested, latex-free condoms that are made of Sensopren® material. A 40% longer lasting and extra smooth lubricant has been added to these condoms, ensuring maximum comfort and improving sensations.

About latex-free condoms...
Even though many people think that latex condoms are the best and choose them most of the time, a lot of research proves that latex-free condoms made of polyurethane are equally good (if not better). Why is it so? First of all, latex-free condoms are ideal for people who are alergic to latex. Second, latex-free condoms are of equal endurance as those containing latex, but these are up to 40% thinner and at the same time guarantee an equal safety and protection from sexually transmitted diseases as well as give brighter sensations to users. Third, latex-free condoms have no taste and smell. To get the aroma or taste you prefer, use the lubricants and oils of your liking. Don't worry - there won't be a latex taste! Fourth, latex-free condoms can be used with various kinds of lubricants. With water-based lubricants. With oil or silicone-based lubricants. With all of them!