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SKYN 5 Senses+ condoms (5 pcs)

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Thin, transparent, cylindrical condoms with a reservoir. Made of synthetic Skynfeel polyisoprene. Lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant.

Explore a variety of five different latex-free condoms:
1 × Intense Feel – dotted condom;
2 × Cocktail Club – flavoured condoms with Passion Daiquiri and Cherry Sunrise aroma;
1 × Elite – premium thin condom – 20% thinner than the SKYN Original;
1 × Hot – lubricated with a gel providing warming sensation.

• length: 185 mm
• nominal width: 53 mm
• thickness: 0.04 mm (40 microns)

Manufacturer: SURETEX Limited, Thailand.

About latex-free condoms

Many individuals view latex condoms as the best option and primarily rely on them. However, research indicates that synthetic polyisoprene condoms offer comparable efficacy. They are increasingly embraced as a viable alternative to the widely used latex condoms. What prompts this shift?

Latex-free condoms cater to individuals allergic to latex or averse to its odor. These condoms enable the enjoyment of pure aromas and flavors when using favorite lubricants and oils, eliminating the unpleasant latex odor during intimacy.

Polyisoprene condoms match latex condoms in durability while being up to 40% thinner. This ensures both safety and protection against STDs while providing a more natural sensation.

Polyisoprene condoms safely accommodate various lubricants, including water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based options.