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Latex Care Products

Latex is a sensitive material which requires a special care routine – you need to wash it thoroughly, use latex polishing agent to get a perfect gloss, use talcum powder to store your latex products. Here you'll find all you need to keep them looking good and prolong their longevity for future use. Read more
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Latex Care Products: Essential Guide to Caring for Your Latex Wear

Latex, while undeniably enticing and unique in its appeal, is a delicate material that craves meticulous attention. Its longevity and allure depend largely on the maintenance routine it receives. Proper care ensures that every latex piece retains its glossy sheen, elasticity, and seductive snugness, making it essential for every latex enthusiast to understand the nuances of its upkeep.

An essential step in this routine is washing your latex wear. Cleaning it thoroughly after every use is crucial to prevent any residue or contaminants from degrading the material. The right washing agents can cleanse without causing harm, ensuring the latex remains as vibrant as ever. After cleaning, ensure that the latex is completely dry both inside and out. Any moisture can lead to mold or mildew formation.

Storage, too, is a key aspect of latex care. Before tucking away your precious latex items, applying a generous amount of talcum powder or corn starch is advisable. This not only prevents the material from sticking together but also ensures it stays smooth and ready for your next adventurous outing. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause latex to become discolored and brittle. Ultraviolet (UV) rays break down the material, diminishing its elasticity over time therefore your latex must be stored in a dark and cool place. Instead of folding, which can cause creases or weaken the material at the fold, roll your latex garments or lay them flat. It's important to keep latex away from metals, especially copper and brass, as they can stain the latex. This includes hangers – if you must hang latex, use plastic or padded hangers. If you have colored latex, especially darker shades, store them separately from lighter ones. Colors can bleed or transfer.

When you are ready to wear your stored garment a high-quality latex polishing agent like latex gloss sprays and silicone based lubricants can transform your garment, giving it that mesmerizing, mirror-like shine that latex is renowned for. To ensure the best shine effect make sure all residues of the detergent and powder/starch are rinsed off and the garment is completely dry. While polishing don't forget to use a micro-fiber cloth for the best polishing effect, however, do not rub it too hard and to avoid as the fabric is delicate. To spread the latex shine agent evenly over the garment, it's easier to wear your latex and have a helper polish it for you to not miss any hard to reach places. If a latex shine spray is used, use it outside as it will cover any surface the spray touches and make it slippery. Any oils, creams, lotions, grease, petroleum products and certain lubricants can have adverse reactions with latex. These substances can break down the structure of the latex, making it lose its elasticity and strength which makes it easy to tear.

With the right care and products, your latex garments can remain in impeccable condition for years. Our collection offers everything you need to cater to your latex's every need, from cleaners to polishes. Treat your latex with the love it deserves, and it will continue to be the statement piece in your erotic ensemble, time and time again.