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Sex Toy Cleaners

As important as the correct use of sex toys is their proper care. Missing it both reduces the lifetime of the toy and poses health risks. We recommend the use of special products and sprays with a hypoallergenic composition and the ability to remove unpleasant odours. Special UV-resistant containers and bags have also been developed for the sterilisation of sex toys. Read more
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Special Products for Special Toys: A Look at Sex Toy Cleaners

Just as important as the correct use of sex toys, their proper care significantly influences their lifetime and your health. Regular cleaning using special products designed specifically for sex toys is crucial for maintaining not only their durability but also their safety. After all, keeping your pleasure tools clean is a fundamental aspect of owning and enjoying sex toys.

Special products and sprays with a hypoallergenic composition are recommended for this purpose. These cleaners are gentle on the toy materials while being effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Plus, they have the added advantage of removing unpleasant odours, ensuring your toys always smell fresh and clean. Notably, the use of a specific sex toy cleaner over conventional soaps or detergents is advisable due to the former's tailored formulation for intimate items.

UV-resistant containers and bags have been developed for the sterilisation of sex toys, offering an extra level of hygiene and peace of mind. These advanced storage solutions use UV light to kill bacteria and other pathogens, ensuring your toys are always in the safest, cleanest condition possible. This kind of meticulous cleaning and storage routine will significantly prolong the life of your toys and make your intimate moments worry-free.

However, remember to always follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions for each toy, as some materials may require special care or cannot be cleaned with certain products. Ensuring you use the correct cleaning product for your toy type is integral to maintaining its longevity and your safety.