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JoyDivision Clean'n'Safe Spray (100 / 200 ml)

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The clean'n'safe cleaning and disinfection fluid cleans the sex toys that have to be cleaned to allow you to continue enjoying all-round fun. The spray is effective against known forms of germs, bacteria (e.g. chlamydia), fungi and viruses, including HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis B and C, Noro- and Rotavirus, Coronavirus. The fluid does not corrode sensitive materials, and its gentle formula makes it especially suitable for sensitive skin or mucous membranes. Use clean'n'safe, because clean means safe, and safe means more fun.

• highly effective, with a little going a long way
• effective within 60 seconds
• alcohol-free & fragrance-free
• suitable for use on silicone & latex sex toys
• dermatologically and clinically tested
• subject to constant quality control

Biocide – Do not allow to enter soil or waterways!
Dispose responsibly – according to local recycling and hazardous waste disposal regulations.

Effective ingredients per 100 g: 0.245 g benzyl-C12-16-alkyldimethyl chloride, 0.245 g didecyldimethylammonium chloride, 0.245 g C12-14-alkyl[(ethylphenyl)methyl]dimethyl chloride.

Instructions for use: try on a small, less visible part of the sex toy. Apply undiluted fluid on a sex toy surface evenly, allow about 1 minute for the agent to take effect. Allow to dry. Do not breathe vapour. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water ans seek medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children.

Manufacturer: JOYDIVISION international AG, Germany.

Unit cost:
100 ml - € 99.50 / l
200 ml - € 84.75 / l