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Home/Sex Toys/Cleaners and Storage

Cleaners and Storage

In order for sex toys to last longer they must be properly cleaned and stored. Regular soap may damage the sex toy material whereas special sex toy cleaning spray and foam will make it easier to care for your pleasure objects with body-safe and toy-safe ingredients. Storage bags and boxes will ensure discreet storage and protect toys from contact with other objects so that they are not soiled or damaged. Read more
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Maintaining Your Pleasure Tools with Cleaners and Storage

To extend the life of your sex toys, proper cleaning and storage are of utmost importance. Using regular soap can potentially damage the materials of your pleasure tools, whereas special sex toy cleaning sprays and foams are specifically designed to maintain their quality and longevity. Body-safe and toy-safe, these cleaners make the care of your intimate objects significantly easier and more effective.

Special cleaning sprays and foams, which contain body-safe ingredients, are formulated to gently and thoroughly clean your toys. They effectively remove any potential bacterial build-up and neutralize odors, ensuring your pleasure tools are hygienic for the next use. It's important to remember that different toys, made from different materials, may require specific cleaning solutions to maintain their texture, feel, and longevity.

When it comes to storage, bags and boxes designed for sex toys offer the best solution. They provide a discreet and safe home for your toys, protecting them from contact with other objects that could potentially soil or damage them. A dedicated storage solution also makes your toys easy to find and keeps them organized, ensuring that you're not scrambling to find your favorite pleasure tool when you need it most.

Equally important is ensuring that your toys are completely dry before storing them. This not only helps to keep them clean but also prevents the growth of mold or bacteria. Using storage solutions with breathable materials can help facilitate the drying process and maintain the pristine condition of your toys.