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Mouth Gags

Silicone mouth gags are a way of literally and figuratively depriving another person of their voice during sexual play. Unlike plastic mouth gags, silicone and rubber models can be comfortably bitten into. Spreader gags help keep your mouth open in a fixed position for oral sex, while for extra functionality choose a dildo mouth plug. Read more
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Speak No More: A Closer Look at Mouth Gags in BDSM

Mouth gags are powerful tools in the world of BDSM, allowing a person to be figuratively and literally silenced during sexual play. When used correctly, they can add a dimension of dominance and submission that can enhance the overall experience. Silicone and rubber gags are popular choices due to their comfort, especially as they can be bitten into without causing discomfort.

One type of gag, known as the spreader gag, is designed to hold the mouth open at a fixed position. This not only establishes a high level of control but also opens the way for various types of oral play. These gags provide an additional layer of sensuality and excitement to your intimate moments, as the wearer's ability to close their mouth is limited.

For an extra dash of daring and fantasy fulfillment, consider a dildo mouth plug. These gags feature a dildo that can be used for penetrative play, introducing another level of eroticism into the mix. They offer the dominant partner more options for control and pleasure, making them a popular choice for more adventurous couples.

Remember, though, that the use of any BDSM tool like mouth gags should always be based on consent and trust. Communication is key – make sure to establish a safe word or signal that the wearer can use if they want to stop. With proper understanding and respect, incorporating a mouth gag into your play can bring an exhilarating new level of intensity to your intimate experiences.