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Zolo Cup



Glide Cup - Glide your way into a blissful orgasm with the Glide Zolo Cup, featuring ultra slick motion lotion. Designed to maximize the pleasure of an extra-moist encounter, the Glide Zolo Cup features a pleasure-enhancing textured inner channel and you adjust the level of tightness with suction control at your fingertips.
Fire Cup - Playing with fire has never been so satisfying! The Fire Zolo Cup offers an arousing warming sensation and uniquely textured channel that creates enticing friction for a realistic, red-hot sexual experience. The Fire Zolo Cup is also ergonomically designed to provide that perfect grip to reach your climax, and suction control with the simple touch of your finger tips.
Deep Throat Cup - Gag reflex will never prevent you from getting delectable oral pleasure with the Deep Throat Zolo Cup. Ergonomically shaped to give you the perfect grip, the Deep Throat Zolo Cup features a ribbed inner channel and comes with motion lotion to re-create a satisfying blow job. Control the tightness of the Deep Throat by adjusting suction using the simple pressure from your fingertips.
Backdoor Cup - Tantalizingly taboo, anal sex has never felt better than with the Back Door Zolo Cup. Tightly ribbed to mimic the sensations of anal sex, the Back Door Zolo Cup is ergonomically shaped to provide the necessary grip for the ultimate pleasure. Control the tightness of the supple inner textured channel by adjusting suction simply with your fingers.
Personal Trainer Cup - Improve your performance in the bedroom with the Personal Trainer Zolo Cup. Designed to give you the practice to make you a champion lover, the Personal Trainer features an ergonomic shape, giving you the ultimate grip and you control the level of tightness of the lifelike inner channel by adjusting suction with the touch of a finger.
The Girlfriend Cup - The Girlfriend Zolo Cup is the one you'll want to settle down with. Ergonomically designed to provide excellent grip, The Girlfriend features a ribbed inner channel that mimics the softness of a woman’s vagina, and you control the level of tightness with your fingertips.
Original Cup - Nothing beats the Original! The tried-and-true Original Zolo Cup is the one that started it all, introducing men to a whole new pleasurable experience created by a grip-perfecting ergonomic shape and snug, textured inner channel. The Original puts you in control by allowing you to control suction with the touch of a finger.