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YESforLOV G-spot Stimulating Gel (10 g)

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Specifically for a G-spot formulated arousal gel will amplify and prolong the intensity of orgasms. Natural and powerfull YESforLOV G-spot stimulating gel induces blood flow to erectile tissue of the vagina, providing exquisite pleasure sensations.
The gel contains L-arginine – important amino acid which enhances sexual responsiveness by relaxing the smooth muscle and blood vessels, that way increasing the flow of oxygenated blood. The gel also enriched with kigeline which is a source of steroidal saponins and estrogen-type flavonoids that will tone up the vaginal walls.

88.31% of the ingredients are of natural origin. Compatible with all condoms and sex toys. Tested under dermatological control. Suitable for vegans.

Apply one drop of this gel to the front vaginal wall and around vaginal opening.

This gel is formulated for internal use and is therefore more concentrated in stimulating ingredients than the YESforLOV Clitoral Stimulating Gel. While acts progressively YESforLOV G-spot Stimulating Gel is gentle on all types of mucous membranes. If you have a sensitive clitoris we recommend to apply smidgen G-sot Stimulating Gel on the clitoral area.

Do not use the stimulating gel when pregnant and during breastfeeding.

Store in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Close the cap tightly after use. Should be used within 6 months after opening.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Aroma, Benzyl alcohol, Carbomer, Ethyl hexyl glycerin, Aspartame, Arginine, Ethyl menthane carboxamide, Butylene glycol, Limonene, Vanillyl butyl ether, Kigelia africana fruit extract, Tocopherol.

Manufacturer: Cosminter Laboratoire Polydermyl, France.

Weight: 10 g.

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The numbers correspond to the following body parts: 1 – pubic bone; 2 – bladder; 3 – vagina; 4 – uterus; 5 – rectum.


Is G-spot a myth?

The area of the vagina, traditionally called the G-spot, exists, however the sensations gained during G-spot or, more precisely, G-zone stimulation are subjective – each woman can experience more or less distinct sensations.

Why is it called G-spot?

The name of this vaginal area comes from the surname of Ernst Gräfenberg, a physician and researcher of the female urethra. In the mid-20th century he made the assumption that there was an erogenous zone on the vaginal wall.

What is the G-spot?

Various physicians had come to a conclusion that the G-zone is a part of the erectile tissue of the deepest, branching part of the clitoris (“the legs”) with many nerve endings, therefore it can respond to stimulation. By massaging this area, the hidden, internal part of the clitoris is actually reached from below.

Where exactly is the G spot in the vagina?

In the front wall, 3–7 cm deep from the vaginal opening.

How to enjoy G-spot stimulation?

The most effective G-zone stimulation is when the woman is already aroused – more blood flows into the clitoral tissue and it begins to swell: both its visible and hidden part. The G-zone can be massaged with various finger movements, including pressing with your fingers, or by using vibrators with a moving (“come hither”) mechanism. The G-zone also can be stimulated with special gels and sensitizers which enhance the blood flow to the tissue as well as may provide heating, tingling or other similar effects to build up pleasure.

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