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Fun Factory

Discovering the world of aesthetic and trendy love toys
The days when enjoying sex was the reserve of men are happily a thing of the past. Who would have thought that in the mid-1990s two students from Bremen would make the important topic of female passion respectable? Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl were fresh out of university when they founded their company FUN FACTORY in 1996. Their business idea? They wanted to produce aesthetic and trendy erotic toys that really speak to women and build a name for quality and class. “In a conversation with the founders of the erotic shop ‘For Ladies’ in Bremen, we learned that there was practically nothing of the kind,” Bauer said. “We recognized a gap in the market and made the decision to do something. Our products should unite aesthetics, quality and functionality. They should be fun and no one should be ashamed of them.”

Patchy Paul & Co. conquer women’s passions around the world
In the beginning, Bauer and Pahl sat at the kitchen table and made the form for the first FUN FACTORY dildo, “Paddy Pinguin” from clay. All dildos were first created as unique pieces, but as fans grew in number, so did requests continually climb and climb. Fifteen years later the two-man team at the kitchen table company has grown to Europe’s largest manufacturer of silicone erotic toys – with countless employees and customers from around the world. Since 2000, FUN FACTORY has its headquarters in Bremen/Woltmershausen. Here development, production, finished products and materials, factory and management are all under one roof. From the first idea to the final production all love toys are made in and sent from Bremen. 85 employees pour their entire “Know-How” and full commitment into their work. In 2003, FUN FACTORY founded their first subsidiary in the USA and in 2005, opened another in Great Britain.

FUN FACTORY is the first company to receive a renowned design prize for a love toy
Right from the start the Bremen company has been known for its high standards of innovation and quality. The vibrator highlight “DeLight” is only one example of many which fulfils the Bremen company’s credo “one step ahead!” The many renowned, internationally recognized prizes are the proof in the pudding: In 2008, FUN FACTORY received for the “DeLight” the renowned “reddot design award” and in 2010, the “iF product design award” for two vibrators, the “DeLight” and “FLASH”, as well as for the love balls SMARTBALLS teneo duo – all prizes are internationally recognized awards for good design. The innovative men’s toy from FUN FACTORY, the COBRA libre, was awarded the American Good Design Award for its exceptional optics. The Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology nominated the “DeLight” in 2009 and 2010 for the Federal Republic of Germany Design Prize – yet again proof that FUN FACTORY is a trendsetter in the erotic branch.

FUN FACTORY offers lifestyle products to show off
FUN FACTORY produces a colorful world of love toys in trendy colors such as pink, purple or apple green. The vibrators and dildos are reminiscent of stylish accessories rather than male genitalia and therefore have convincingly secured their place in the lifestyle segment. Not only is emphasis placed on exterior appearance but also on carefully regulated quality. All FUN FACTORY products are made of 100% medical standard silicone and materials gentle to the body and are mostly finished by hand.

In April 2010, the Bremen company opened a lifestyle flagship store in the capital city Berlin. The renowned New York designer Karim Rashid was brought in to create the interior design of the store, which is close by to the Hackesche Höfe. He created a store with a breathtaking design recalling a temple of design rather than an erotic shop. Customers are provided a unique shopping experience that luxuriates all the senses over two floors. Even the FUN FACTORY store has been showered with accolades – in August 2010 the store was awarded the highly coveted “red dot award: communication design.”
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