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Sex toys are sweeping the nation with an overwhelming display of delicious goods. But there’s one question that must be asked: “Are you getting enough?” Adult novelty companies are creating elaborate designs with extraordinary functions, but without the technology of PowerBullet®, the vibe will barely tickle. BMS Factory finally has the solution for sex toys that fall short of providing pleasure.

Canadian-based BMS Factory is proud to present the ‘Powered by PowerBullet®‘ brand. PowerBullet® technology provides the most vivacious vibrations for adult novelties and is now manufacturing the products of many distributors around the world. PowerBullet® is the ultimate cosmopolitan – its technology is free to all manufacturers in the world and does not limit its production to one place. BMS Factory believes that PowerBullet™should be available for everyone to experience.

PowerBullet® is famous for its magnificent power. It focuses on providing consumers with the fiercest energy and is becoming the major source of motor technology for all vibrating products. Operating on the toughest lithium ion batteries, PowerBullet™ knows how to make hearts start racing.

The simple design of PowerBullet® creates a safe environment for new users. BMS Factory is currently engineering its own line of products featuring PowerBullet® technology. From your friendly neighbourhood adult store, Aren’t We Naughty, BMS Factory emerges as the newest celebrity representing successful Canadian business. Recognized all over the world and definitely more than just a bullet company, BMS Factory is expanding its production with the “Powered by PowerBullet®” brand. At BMS Factory, Power is Everything.

Want to get powered by PowerBullet®? Contact or for more information on manufacturing your product with PowerBullet® technology.

PowerBullet® is a trusted brand for Power. If the product you want to buy doesn’t have PowerBullet® logo on the product or the packaging, most likely it doesn’t have enough power.

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