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Ormelle Female Condoms (5 pcs)

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Unlike male condoms, female condoms do not restrict the male penis, but are spread in the vagina, providing quality protection and more opportunities for comfortable sex. The transparent lubricated female condom is made of a latex pouch that has an integrated, outer round edge and an elastic plastic ring at the other end, which makes sure that the pouch stays in the vagina. Female condoms should be used with water or silicone based lubricants. Includes illustrated instruction manual.

• length: 170 mm
• width: 74 mm
• thickness: 0.07 mm (70 microns)

Manufacturer: Shanghai HBM Healthcares, Inc. (China) on behalf of Sugant SA (France).

Pack of 5 pcs.

Condom use
Choose a comfortable position (as you would insert a tampon or a cup), take the inner (smallest) ring in the closed part of the condom and squeeze into the shape of an "8" and insert it into the vagina. To prevent the condom from twisting extend it from the inside with your fingers and insert it deeper into the vagina by sliding the inner ring. If you feel that the ring does not fit on the walls, pull the condom outwards until you can place the ring correctly. The edges of the ring should touch the walls of the vagina. Before the penis is inserted into the vagina the outer ring of the condom should be held to prevent the penis from being inserted outside the condom. In addition, do not use a male condom with a female condom – this will not provide better protection and may damage the female condom. Use a sufficient amount of lubricant. When removing the condom, carefully twist the outer ring so the condom does not leak and remove it from the vagina.