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Meticulously designed to mimic real human flesh, CyberSkin® warms to body temperature with a small amount of friction and is the closest material you can find to simulate the feel of true skin to skin contact. With both the elasticity and softness of actual skin, only CyberSkin® renders virtually lifelike replicas of your favorite Adult stars.

With the added features of Dual Density® creating the feel of erectile tissue, realistic balls or in some cases underlying bone structure or Virtual Touch® providing an even more realistic skin-like texture, some CyberSkin® products feel so real that you literally cannot tell the difference between touching CyberSkin® and the human body.

The physical composition of CyberSkin® includes atoms bound with flexible, spring-like, high resiliency bonds allowing CyberSkin® products to be malleable, like real flesh, and to instantly recover to their original shape. Because they are created to retain their shape, CyberSkin® products outlast their competition.

For a lifetime of use, wash CyberSkin® products with only warm water and a clear, liquid anti-bacterial soap; allow to air-dry; apply cornstarch or CyberSkin® Renew and store individually in a cool, dark place.

Accept no imitations. Genuine CyberSkin® is phthalate- and latex-free, and manufactured only by Topco Sales.
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