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Creative Conceptions Path to Pleasure

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A seductive game of truth or dare where the journey is as exciting as the destination! Awaken your senses and prepare for pleasure with the game that takes you on a journey of sexual discovery. Path to Pleasure is a board game for a couple or up to 6 lovers. Each player picks a playing piece and take turns rolling for the highest number to determine who goes first, continuing in an anti-clockwise direction for the remainder of the game. After moving the number of squares as indicated on the die, each player gets his truth/dare by matching the number on the board with the master list included in the game rules. The first player to land on 69 is deemed the winner and can choose everyone or a specific player to act out a fantasy of their choice.

Before you start, gather together some sensual accessories to use during the game: ice cubes, chocolate spread, marmelade, handcuffs, blindfold, whip, massage oil... whatever you wish to make the game so much more exciting! Many normal household items will work wonders; however you could always treat yourselves to something naughty.

The game is gender neutral.

Game includes:
• 1 playing board;
• 8 playing pieces;
• 1 dice;
• rules sheet.

The game is in English.