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The first BON4 was designed and developed in October 2009 and it was available from around March 2010 worldwide. The world of chastity has always intrigued us and we knew the potential. Good chastity devices were available, like for example the cb's but these were hard and not so comfortable to wear. That's how we came up with the idea of creating a device in silicone. Creating a chastity device in top quality crystal clear flexible silicone sounded good, but easier said as done.

It is simply impossible to come up with a device that makes everyone happy, there are just too many different people and wishes.

But we are quite sure that this new design is so much better than the previous one and even more sure that the new BON4 is the best silicone chastity device available on the market.

We can offer this design now in 2 cage sizes and whatever your choice will be, it will always come with 4 different sizes of very flexible silicone back rings. Because we trust the quality and strength of the BON4 we will always offer you 1 year full warranty on the silicone. The new BON4's are available worldwide since around the middle of April 2011.
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