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Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons Wet (1 / 8 / 30 pcs)

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Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons WET is an easy to use hygienic soft tampons, without string, have been specially designed to provide you with maximum protection, comfort and discretion. With this tampon you can be as active as you like!

Beppy WET tampons are developed for women who want to be able to move freely during their menstruation. The comfortable Beppy tampon without string is very suitable for use during sports, dancing, swimming, in the sauna, when travelling and for intercourse. Insertion goes smoothly, thanks to the soft structure of the tampon and the lactagel. Removal is easy using the removal loop. The special material of Beppy WET forms to the shape of your body and absorbs menstrual fluid effectively. The Beppy WET tampons is lubricated with a lactagel which helps to maintain the naturally acidity and provides a healthy environment in your vagina.

Beppy WET tampons are made of water blown polyurethane foam and have been clinically and dermatologically tested. The Beppy tampon was developed by gynaecologists, through permanent dermatological and clinical testing. They are made of body-friendly, non-toxic material, which are tested according to the OEKO-TEX standard. Beppy Soft + Comfort tampons are the successful combination of hygienic manufacturing and packing, strictly adhere to the International standard of ISO 13485 (medical device certification).

Manufacturer: Asha International, The Netherlands.

Instructions for insertion:
1. Wash your hands before and after inserting the tampon. Rinse them well with water and leave no traces of soap on your hands.
2. Open the package.
3. Hold the tampon between your thumb and middle finger and place the index finger under the removal loop, the slanting part. Squeeze the tampon.
4. Adopt a comfortable position. The tampon can be inserted while standing, possibly with one leg raised above the other, or crouching. Keep the labia open with the other hand and, with the removal loop last, insert the tampon with the index finger till it reaches the back of the vagina, up against the cervix.
5. The Beppy WET tampon can stay in for up to 8 hours. Depending on the day of the period it may be necessary to replace the tampon earlier.
Instructions for removal:
6. The Beppy WET is easy to remove using the handy removal loop. Wash your hands before and after removal and adopt a comfortable position.
7. Hook your index finger through the loop of the tampon and carefully pull the tampon out of the vagina. If this is not easy, crouch in a comfortable way or raise one leg up, so you can reach deeper. Press slightly and remove the tampon using your index and middle fingers as a tweezers, and gently pull the tampon out of your vagina. It is easier to remove the tampon after you have urinated, which helps you relax.
8. After use, do not deposit Beppy WET in the toilet.

How long to keep it in?
Use Beppy tampons during normal loss (normal absorption capacity from 6-9 g). The length of time it can be worn depends on the amount of blood loss and the day of the menstrual period. This is different for every woman. Guideline: every 2-4 hours during heavy flow, every 4-8 hours during the days of lighter flow. Change your tampon regularly. Don’t forget to remove the last tampon before inserting another. Tampons may be worn overnight for up to 8 hours. Always remove the last tampon at the end of your period.

Important notice:
If you leave the tampon in the vagina for more than 8 hours, its safety and effectiveness is no longer guaranteed. Beppy WET can be used only once. Reusing them may cause infection. The Beppy WET tampon is not a contraceptive. Do not use tampons between your periods for regular discharge.

Do not use:
- If your hymen is intact
- If the use-by date on the pack has expired

About Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS):
TSS is a rare, but serious and sometimes fatal disease, which is associated with the use of menstrual tampons.

- What are the symptoms of TSS?
Early symptoms may begin suddenly and are similar to the flu: a sudden fever - usually 39°C or higher, vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting, dizziness or a rash that looks like sunburn. Early recognition and treatment is very important and can generally prevent serious illness.
- What should you do if you think you have TSS?
If, during your period or shortly thereafter, you have any of the above symptoms, remove the tampon and consult a health professional immediately. It is very important to tell your doctor that you have your period and have used tampons.
- Who is at risk?
TSS can occur in all women who use tampons during their periods. For women under 30, higher risks have been reported.
- Reducing or avoiding the risk?
To reduce the risk of TSS, use tampons with the lowest absorbency to suit your flow. To avoid or reduce the risk, do not use tampons or alternate the use of tampons with sanitary towels.

Consult a health professional if you want to use tampons again and have had symptoms of TSS in the past or have questions about TSS.
As a general rule, it is necessary to visit your doctor, gynaecologist or a hospital emergency department if you cannot remove a tampon.