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Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker

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Arcwave masturbator with Pleasure Air technology is a penis stimulation toy for the 21st century! The technology is borrowed from the famous clitoral air-pleasure toy brand Womanizer. Arcwave is a scientific-technological masterpiece that embodies the results of in-depth research of the nerve endings of the penis combined with the application of the latest technologies and materials. 
The masturbator is made of a body-friendly material that forms the casing of a tubular part with an opening built into - it provides an outlet for pulsating air flow in 8 intensities. Stimulation is aimed directly at the most sensitive part of the underside of the head of the penis, the ligament or frenulum, which has the most Pachini nerve ending receptors. It also has Smart Silence technology that provides stimulation only when the airflow opening is very close to the body. This means that as soon as contact with the penis is stopped, the toy stops working and is silent. You can select the silent option with a press of a button. Additional stimulation in the classic way is provided by a wavy texture and a flexible shell that can be compressed in the desired places for closer contact with the skin. Use water-based lubricant for a more comfortable experience. Wash in warm water with neutral soap or special sex toy cleaners.

The masturbator comes in two parts - the upper part of the stimulator and the lower part with the stimulation intensity selection buttons. Both parts are easily connected by folding them together and turning them in opposite directions. This makes it easy to clean and rinse Arcwave in water by separating the stimulation part from the control part. The Arcwave kit includes a tastefully designed docking station where you can discreetly charge as well as store your toy. A DryTech bag with moisture-absorbing granules should be placed in the DryTech stand of the docking station by pushing it to the side which helps to avoid water residues after cleaning the masturbator. When rinsing the masturbator in water, allow it to drain and dry the masturbator with a paper towel or lint-free cloth before placing it on the stand. The docking station must be connected to devices with a USB port. The LED indicators on the docking station will flash from low to high to help determine the battery charge status. If all three indicators are lit, charging is complete.

• dimensions of the masturbator: 15 x 8 x 5.3 cm
• internal length: 13.5 cm
• diameter: flexible, minimum 3.3 cm
• material: medical silicone, plastic
• USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery (fully charges in 1.5 hours and works for up to 1 hour)
• Dimensions of the docking station: 18.8 x 10.8 x 7.6 cm

The set includes:
• Arcwave Ion masturbators
• Docking station with DryTech stand
• DryTech moisture absorbent bag
• USB charger
• pjur water-based lubricant (10 ml)