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Fun Factory Volita

$  40.98
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Бренд:Fun Factory
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VOLITA is a mini vibe with orgasmic motion.

A Fun-Size Vibrator for King-Size FUN!
Take powerful orgasms with you wherever you go, with the VOLITA! The mini version of our bestselling VOLTA vibrator has the same fluttering tips that boost your arousal and amplify the strength of the vibration. Lay it on either side of the clit to surround it with sensation, run it along the shaft for a better blowjob, slip it between your bodies, and more! This one-speed battery toy is a great first vibrator, tool for enhanced couples play, or travel essential.

- Non-porous and hypoallergenic, body-safe materials — Love yourself
- Waterproof – Get wet
- Great for solo or partner play
- Quiet and discreet
- Takes only one AA battery
- Up to 4 hours of play on one battery
- Length: 16 cm 
- Diameter at widest point: 3,1 cm
- Designed and handcrafted in Germany

There’s nothing better than steady motion against the clit to send you over the edge! The VOLITA’s vibration makes its tips flutter rhythmically against your sensitive spots, increasing your arousal, and their movement makes the vibration feel even stronger! 

The VOLITA’s flickering tips don’t just feel amazing on your clit—they’re awesome for nipple play, teasing the labia, running along the shaft during a BJ, and more! This is the couples toy you’ve always wanted.

Want a vibe, but not sure what you like yet? On a strict budget? The VOLITA is made with the same top-quality, body-safe materials and the same German engineering as all FUN FACTORY toys, with a pared-down design and an entry level price tag. 

If you’re looking for a super powerful, multi-speed toy with the same tapping tips, check out the VOLTA. 

Packing light? The mini VOLITA fits into even the smallest travel bag, or slips into your purse for a romantic night. 

Don’t want to leave your toy out to charge, where prying eyes can see it? The VOLITA takes a AA battery, so there’s no need!

What?? A battery-operated toy you can take in the tub??? You bet! Our engineers have designed this little vibe to be totally water-submersible.

The VOLITA has only two settings: ON and OFF. Turn the EASY TWIST cap to ON and the VOLITA switches on and vibrates in a pleasantly stimulating rhythm. Turn the EASY TWIST back to OFF and it automatically turns off.