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MoreAmore Soft Skin (3 / 12 шт.)

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More fun and so easy to use! Due to the special shape, Soft Skin condoms are very easy to put on and they're extra comfortable. And even vegan-friendly.

Soft Skin condoms have special extra comfortable shape. The condom is 56 mm at both ends and 52 mm in the middle. This has four major advantages:
1. The condom is 4 mm wider at the opening. As a consequence, the diameter of the rolled up condom is larger (56 mm, instead of 52 mm). This adds extra space and it feels a lot pleasing.
2. The condom is also wider at the top, making it extra comfortable.
3. The condom is 52 mm in the middle. This helps to prevent slipping.
4. Due to the special shape, the condom is less tightly rolled up. This makes it easier for the lubricant to spread evenly over the condom.

Extra lubricant
MoreAmore Soft Skin condoms have extra lubricating gel. The extra gel allows more comfort and prevents damaging the condom when being used. Extra lubrication also makes sure you have more fun. When you're going to use more lubricant make sure that the one you use is safe with latex condoms.

Material: Natural rubber latex
Lubricant: Silicone
Shape: Straight condom with teat
Nominal width: 56 mm
Length: 200 mm
Colour: Transparant
Texture: Smooth
Thickness: 85 micron