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Secura Santa's Coming (3 pcs)

Secura Santa's Coming (3 pcs)

Product code: 416436

Manufacturer: Secura

Price: 2.95



Christmas is coming – will you be doing as well? :)
Put on one of these red, strawberry flavoured condoms before intercourse and enjoy your next sex date. They are covered in silicone-based lubricant. With reservoir, smooth, cylindrical. Pack of 3.

About Secura

The Secura ...

Secura products are manufactured in Germany, thus ensuring the highest quality guarantee. The Secura condoms - everything is possible, because customers are offered a varied color, smell, shape, size, slip, and the purpose of the condom, which serves not only as a successful method of contraception, but also effectively protects against all kinds of diseases, especially HIV.
Secura can fulfill your fantasies - condoms for anal, vaginal and oral sex, especially economical packaging, corrugated, with a pleasant aroma and taste, or original color condoms, etc..
Love moments with Secura allow you to enjoy a varied and rich feeling.

Secura quality...

Secura condoms comply with all EU standards, identified by the CE symbol on each package. Following the standard minimum requirements for each production condom is at least 170 mm long, 44 - 56 mm wide and have a thickness of 0.04 to 0.08 mm, they were the tensile strength test, the sample condoms are also filled with water to make sure that they are not damaged, thus paying maximum attention to product quality.

Secura philosophy...

Secura slogan reveals: "Sex is something that is very beautiful. Safety is great. Contrast, combining these two things, it can be concluded that the safety of sex is not only essential, but possible. Secura condoms provide your fantasy fulfillment, combined with a high quality and safety assurance ".

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